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KoTiX S160 custom ROM and skins 04.03.2018 (04.05.2017 fw base)

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    Alguien en castellano me puede explicar si teniendo el firm original puedo ponerle esto
    Que es lo que hay que hacer..
    No termino de entenderlo


    • kotix
      kotix commented
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      Hola, tiene que comprar mi custom firmware que tiene incluidos mi temas (skins).
      Lo puede comprar desde mi sito en la seccion shop/s160
      Despues de la compra te envio un invito a mi gdrive y un fichero de desbloque para poder utilizar mi rom.

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    Some more progresses:

    I removed the buggy reboot button with the more convenient CarSettings shortcut.
    I applied some shadow to the text in the widget. 2016_12_16_23.07.45.png

    I've reworked all the buttons, changed text layout (Artist and Album on same line), added shadows ... 2016_12_16_23.05.55.png

    I hope you like it


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      It´s perfect for me...

      Perhaps a weather/clock would be more useful. Any suggestion ?

      Good job !!


      • kotix
        kotix commented
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        Essentially from that position I can run any app we like and it should be an app that we use often.
        As I wasn't able to use the same reboot method that apply when changing USB type, I set the car settings app there so I'm comfortable to reboot.

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      Hmm I have noticed new car icon near Android clock
      music plyer looks very good
      Take a look on sd buffer size also in new release, I am using 8192 right now and it helps on audio glitching while reading from SD card.
      MusicFX and V4A audio buffer is 2048.


      • kotix
        kotix commented
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        Yep, I'm looking on it... And I can add a startup script for it.
        Reading around 2048 should be the best value for the buffer, are you sure that 8192 is not too high?
        Does it cause any other problem?

    • #50
      It doesn't cause any problem in my case, it's hard to tell if it could be too high, it's buffer right? So it can be filled with data, if it's not needed then it get's flushed.
      More buffer shouldn't cause any problem, unless Your're low on RAM i guess.
      It's just how much data is thrown to RAM to compensate low read/write speed of the sdcard/flash.
      In practice it gives me improvement on overall speeds but when Android get's busy with high I/O for any other reason, the buffer gives data to application while there is a I/O problem with reading SD Card.
      On 128kb buffer music chopped really hard when I was copying anything to or from SD Card.
      With high buffer chopps are very rare even while copying.
      They still happen for no reason at all (while listening only to music) but I would say that 1/10 of the time they vere occuring with 128kb buffer size.
      Someone else could also test this and post their conclusions.
      Right now I'm driving with 8192 buffer size for internal flash and SDCard, managed by sdbooster application.


      • kotix
        kotix commented
        Editing a comment
        Here is a small update on this subject...
        I can set the cache size in the boot partition but there are 2 considerations:
        1. Internal memory is considered as the entire memory, including system partition. This mean that changing its cache size we change reading efficiency/performance of the entire system and not only of internal sd.
        I would leave the default value here of 2048 ( as many other android devices)
        2. On External sd I can set 8192 as you suggest but it will be loaded only after boot if the sd card is inserted before booting. Means that it doesn't take effect if you insert sdcard when the unit is already booted.

        Let me know what you think

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      Hola kotix.
      Seria perfecto que las actualizaciones de firmware se hicieran sin perder ningun dato del usuario ya instalado.
      Que no borraran todobpara empezar desde el principio.

      Es algo importante que no se porque el fabricante no hace para las actualizaciones de firmware.


      • kotix
        kotix commented
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        Si claro, y por esto he utilizado flashfire para mi ultimo fix.
        Pero no todo se puede actualizar con flashfire. El bootloader no se si se puede...

        Yes, of course would be better to flash the firmware without loosing data. Roadnav should have done this since the s150 but they never did.
        So why i have used flashfire to make my last update fix but not everything can be flashed with flashfire.
        I wouldn't risk flashing the bootloader with it.

    • #52
      I think that it's not a problem that removing the SD card is changing the cache to 128kb, it's not a problem at all, I'm not removing the card very often, mainly when I'm leaving my car for longer period of time to update music on the SD, then first I'm inserting the SD Card then powering on the unit so no problem for me, others won't loose anything with it, they may only benefit.
      Currently I've returned to rom from 30.11.2016 and haven't noticed any music chops there, I've also flashed MCU firmware (last updated) for my M045 unit, rks160.20160902.154432.0160820.
      I wonder, I have SWC swtiching still corrupted, I tought that this firmware version doesn't have that but looks like I'm wrong or maybe it's related to other things than MCU/Firmware version?
      I've also noticed that You've probably updated the 30.11.2016 rom, because after flashing I had "wrong code" and I had to place unlockcode to proper directory on SDCard before flashing.
      Maybe I remember things wrong and 30.11 rom already had this security.


      • kotix
        kotix commented
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        30/11 rom have security check in.
        I don't understand what do you mean with swc switching... App select menu in swc?

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      A preview of the upcoming Christmas release 2016_12_23_17.02.44.png

      Last edited by kotix; 12-23-2016, 22:35.


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        OMG !!! Great look for BT Phone... Any way to delete or prevent duplicate contacts ?

        Excellent work !!


        • #55
          Awesome looking there, anyone else have a issue with Bluetooth audio streaming kind of stuttering sometimes? Gets really annoying upgrade my phone (S7 edge) and also did it on my note 3


          • #56
            Regarding the bluetooth calls... is it possible to add the possibility to navigate in the radio while BT calling? If I'm using the Navi and I receive a call, I cannot press anything on the screen.


            • #57
              Kotix i meant swc app switching "s160keys" problem.
              i like new skins,great but in dialer menu this green phone hits my eyes
              Great job as always


              • kotix
                kotix commented
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                I' waiting for a guy who was building an closed module for s160keys but I don't hear him since a while...
                I'll try to contact him.

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              Merry Christmas guys

              Tomorrow morning (west Europe time) you'll find this new re-styled version of the rom under my gdrive pine tree.
              It doesn't have many functionality changes because I preferred to make it look nicer first.

              A new firmware is coming out too and I'll start looking for fixes in it but I cannot promise nothing because digging in the smali code is always a blind walk.

              Let's hope that roadnav have improved the firmware too
              Last edited by kotix; 12-25-2016, 22:43.


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                Merry Christmas Kotix, wish You best and Your family, happy developing and be patient about our requests )


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                  ¡ Feliz Navidad ! Gracias a todos por emplear vuestro tiempo y esfuerzo.

                  Best wishes and Merry Christmas !!!


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