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KoTiX S160 custom ROM and skins 04.03.2018 (04.05.2017 fw base)

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    Originally posted by Subaru_driver View Post
    Hi antvic, it'll cost about 20EUR and you'll get all future updates for free.
    As written before the flow is like:
    - go to the web site and purchase the S160 ROM in the shop
    - wait until you receive a mail from kotix with which you'll get access to his GDrive
    --> now you have access to the different ROM files + MCU and Firmware flash files corresponding to your device
    - send kotix a mail with your device type to get the needed unlock file before flashing your device
    - get the latest stock firmware from this forum (see the S160 Firmware thread from RN Tao)
    - follow the instructions on kotix' GDrive to prepare your device for the flashing process
    - take your time to set up your modded S160, it'll take some time to get used to the different launchers and skins
    - oh and use a low tech FAT32 2-4GB SD-Card for the flashing process, these seem to work the best

    Have fun!
    Thanks Subaru Driver, I am Skoda Driver.


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      Cool, have fun then!
      Oh and btw. please don't use "full quotes" since it'll only blow up the whole thread.


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        Just one more question regarding this "S160 keys doesn't work" issue. Will there be an updated *.apk file, or do I need to flash the whole unit again?
        Erm and well, since I'm now in my car, one more thing occurred to me, the mappings of my wheel buttons are not saved. So after each reboot I need to reassign them again.
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          Maybe I'll make an To flash using flashfire.
          I know flashfire work on our unit but I still have to test it seriously to be sure it doesn't cause problems.
          If it work, it will be a nice way to have updates without loosing all data every time.


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            That would be awesome!


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              Hi kotix are you aware of a possible MCU bug, that has been reported for the November update?


              • kotix
                kotix commented
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                yes, i was working with bonez when we found this bug.
                Unfortunately we cannot change anything on MCU side. Just wait for a new MCU file or use an older one...

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              Ok let's try this FlashFire update method

              I uploaded in the Tests folder the files FlashFire.apk and
              You can put both files on sd or usb the, is the update file that contain the fix for s160keys and an updated version of the skins with Brazilian language.
              The fix work for both 30/11 and 9/12 rom versions (in 30/11 you will have just the skins updated of course).

              can be installed from sideload or from playstore too:
              In Flashfire the only option that can be used is the FlashZIPor OTA (available in the Action tab, clicking on the red circled "+")
              So follow these steps:

              1. Click on the + redicon
              2. Select FlashZIPor OTA Screenshot_2016-12-13-11-11-22.jpg

              3. Select FileSystemRoot Screenshot_2016-12-13-11-11-44.jpg

              4. Browse for the file, looking in the /mnt/ folder and select it. Screenshot_2016-12-13-11-12-52.jpg

              5. Confirm the next dialog box at top right corner Screenshot_2016-12-13-11-13-06.jpg

              6. Go down all the list and click Flash Screenshot_2016-12-13-11-13-17.jpg

              Don't change any of the settings in flashfire if you don't want to brick your unit.

              Here is a demo video of the procedure:

              Let me know how it goes


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                Cool stuff, thanks!
                Hm, just wondering, will this work with the that is generated by Titanium Backup.


                • kotix
                  kotix commented
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                  Uhm.. I don't think so but if you upload it somewhere I can have a look at it.

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                Hi kotix, I've done it and Flashfire works fine.
                I also really like how you rearranged the settings menus.
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                • kotix
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                  Good to know it and i'm glad you like it

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                Full kotix release with fixes is planned soon or after MCU update released by roadnav?


                • kotix
                  kotix commented
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                  I have no idea right now, i'm digging too much in the smali files and i'm getting lost in nowhere...
                  I don't have major news right now, even if i spend all days on this i'm not able to gain a significant step forward
                  A guy is working on an xposed module that could maybe replace the s160keys app and fix the SWC select menu behaviour.
                  We will see ...

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                Taking inspiration from the design posted on this thread:



                It's a work in progress but i'm happy that i was able to do it


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                  Is possible small album cover too ?


                  • kotix
                    kotix commented
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                    it show just one..

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                  No problem, i like the new skin so much.


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                    It is very good, album art with full colors pissed me off sometimes at night, this is great compromise


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                      Hey Kotix or anyone for that matter. Is anyone else having any issues with Wi-fi not wanting to turn on in the settings. I have been trying to get it to turn on, but the switch states that it is turned off but gives me the message the it is turning on, but never does. Could that be firmware or MCU issue? I use my hotspot alot on my phone for my radio.


                      • kotix
                        kotix commented
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                        Maybe it's an error due to the malfunction of reboot button.
                        Please don't use it. use the USB mode switch incarsettings app to reboot.

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