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KoTiX S160 custom ROM and skins 04.03.2018 (04.05.2017 fw base)

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  • KoTiX S160 custom ROM and skins 04.03.2018 (04.05.2017 fw base)

    A new version of my custom firmware and skins for Roadnav S160 android units it's available now.
    it's based on the September 06, 2017 original firmware.
    There is a brand new Launcher3X that i ported from MTC devices and i even improved with new options and widgets:


    and a new layout for the audioplayer:


    Some pics of Tune skin with its launcher:






    This is KoTiX skin:




    This is the main new Changelog:

    01.03.2018 - Updated all Gapps to latest version.
    26.02.2018 - Screensaver button in statusbar is enabled by default.
    25.02.2018 - Added Daydream settings in Display settings just for testing purposes
    22.02.2018 - Added Music Visualizer settings to Navimods Sttings
    20.02.2018 - Added Music Visualizer to Audioplayer and Screensaver
    18.02.2018 - Removed audio Visualizer from statusbar
    10.02.2018 - Added Screensaver button to statusbar
    05.02.2018 - Changed Navigation bar Icons with Nougat versions
    09.01.2018 - Fixed "no Playlist" bug after reboot, reverting mediascanner to original 0504 fw version
    12.12.2017 - Rebased the rom to older firmware version (04/05/2017) because of stability problems
    03.12.2017 - Added italian translation to Navimods menu
    01.12.2017 - Added Bootanimation selector in Navimods
    20.11.2017 - Updated Font Changer
    15.11.2017 - Added OEM option in Navimods settings
    10.11.2017 - Skinned CD player screen
    07.11.2017 - Re-added Mediascanner settings
    06.11.2017 - Fixed playstore bug
    - Added missing signature spoofing
    03.11.2017 - Updated Rom to 06 September 2017 firmware base
    30.10.2017 - Music player in kotix skin and Tune now show album art in background and in cover square
    28.10.2017 - Added Left bar's apps selection in Navimods settings
    25.10.2017 - Added new clock WidgetX and MusicX
    23.10.2017 - Added Launcher 3X
    19.10.2017 - Fixed KoTiXskin bug
    16.10.2017 - Added default settings for statusbar (Back Button on right side)
    12.10.2017 - Addded Potato Clock in Status Bar mods menu
    01.10.2017 - Added StatusBar Mods Menu and Status Bar Settings options in Navimods menu
    27.09.2017 - Added BtVoice button in Bluetooth main screen
    25.09.2017 - Fixed AppSetting module issue. Removed GravityBox
    23.09.2017 - Fixed wincaserver volume issue
    20.09.2017 - Revert back to standard GAPPS. Removed Opengapps downloader
    13.09.2017 - Hidden some apps from launcher to save more room
    10.09.2017 - Updated some Gapps and other apps
    30.08.2017 - Added Kotix Modifications subcategory in SystemMods menu
    22.08.2017 - Added Media Scanner options in Navimods->System Mods. (I recommend to use in combination Media Re.Scan app)
    12.08.2017 - Removed xposed modules from settings (they are available in xposed installer)
    10.08.2017 - Added NAVIMODS menu in settings
    03.08.2017 - Added Font Type Changer in Display settings
    02.08.2017 - Changed Display&Mods to more standard Display only setting
    29.07.2017 - Fixed Update.config now has "1" as default
    28.07.2017 - Changed order in Setttngs/Informations screen and added Navimods Label
    25.07.2017 - Changed Bootanimation with NaviMods
    21.07.2017 - Added OpenGapps downloader app
    20.07.2017 - Replaced Gapps with OpenGapps
    19.07.2017 - Replaced AdBlock with AdAway
    18.07.2017 - Added options to change Strings Colors in Tune Skin
    30.06.2017 - Updated to firmware base 04/05/2017
    21.04.2017 - Added Signature spoofing in rom for microG install
    15.04.2017 - Added better audio fader and balance control
    10.04.2017 - Updated to firmware base 13/03/2017
    05.04.2017 - Added January 2017 new type 0 mcu file
    31.03.1017 - Digital clock III is now default clock widget
    30.03.2017 - Changed radio list layout with "frequency+ rds name" displayed in one line
    28.03.2017 - Added Swedish langage to skins
    27.03.2017 - Added S160keys to audilaucnher
    26.03.2017 - Audilauncher has now 8 icons per page
    25.03.2017 - Added power button in audilauncher
    23.03.2107 - Added Launcher icons to match Tune skin style
    22.03.2017 - Various fixes in smali codes to allow all icons to switch accordingly to skins
    20.03.2017 - Added new skin "Tune" (by Alper & me)
    18.03.2017 - Added a second home widget for music/radio etc..
    17.03.2017 - Added option in KotixMods to select the number of apps available in SWC Mode Select window
    10.02.2017- Added option in KotixMods to choose to display Frequencies or Stations names in radio bookmarks buttons
    01.02.2017- Station names in bookmarks buttons are displayed in 2 rows instead of a single scrolling line
    25.01.2017- Removed AdBlock and replaced with AdAway
    20.01.2017 - Updated Google apps to latest

    Available MCU types in the rom:
    MCU 0 type 01705040_A00A
    MCU 1 type 11703130_A00A
    MCU 2 type 21709180_A00A
    MCU 6 type 61709180_A00A

    More informations here:

    Buy it here:
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    Hello kotix, with your room you resolved the problems with the bluetooth conection? I have very problems with this, because some times the phone and the radio don't conect by bluetooth and i have to conect manual. Sorry for my english. I'm from Spain and i have a s160 m062 Subaru Impreza. Thanks.


    • #3
      Bluetooth issue may be related to bluetooth itself, unit doesn't search for Your phone all the time, also the phone doesn't do that either.
      This issue is mostly happening if You get back to Your car before the unit turns off completely, it doesn't appear if the unit boots completely after longer stops.
      I've resolved this issue using tasker, it is searching for the car and if it's detected then it performs connection.
      Works really good.


      • #4
        Hello avatar, i want to buy tasker because this bluetooth don't go well never... Can you say me how to used tasker and calibrated the bluetooth please?? You install tasker in Your phone or in Your s160?? Your bluetooth allways go well with tasker?? Thanks for all


        • #5
          Tasker needs to be installed on the phone.
          you need to check with some intervals if device with bluetooth MAC xx:xx is available, if so, Connect.
          Download also secure settings from android market, You will use it in tasker to perform connection if the bluetooth device will be detected.


          • #6
            The sound does not work well.
            With radio FM, the sound gps turn off.
            Gps with music correct but does not lower the sound music.

            Does not start gps when the s160 starts.

            Gps is correct in carsetting.

            i don't understand.
            Last edited by Josebalu; 12-03-2016, 10:23.


            • #7
              I dont have these issues.
              make sure You have chosen correct GPS app in car settings - then radio wont turn off when notification kicks in.
              Music volume level and gps app notification is controlled by android and the way that navigation app sends its notification.
              ​​​​​​I dont understand what You mean by GPS doesn't start when unit starts. Unit always starts on last used app so if You used GPS app when it was turned off then it will start with this app turned on.


              • #8
                Yes i have correct gps app in car setting. My sound no work well.
                the s160 apk why is installed?


                • kotix
                  kotix commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I'm trying to reproduce and find a solution for this problem. it will take some time... please be patience

              • #9
                You mean s160keys.apk?
                now i have noticed that when i am using source button on my steering wheel at the switch input OSD only icons of s160keys appear instead of TV, radio, music,video etc. Apps.
                Can anyone check this?
                I have removed tv and ipod apps and maybe this caused this issue.
                Last edited by Avatar; 12-03-2016, 13:25.


                • kotix
                  kotix commented
                  Editing a comment
                  I can confirm this issue with swc menu showing all s160keys.
                  I'll discuss this with bonez.

              • #10
                i also confirm The radio audio focus problem
                Damn roadnav have introduced this issue in the new 10/28 firmware... it does it in the original fw too!


                • #11
                  Ok thank you


                  • #12
                    and the fix is coming!! yeah!!
                    you'll find it in the tests folder.

                    The quick fix is to copy wincaServer.apk in /system/app using rootexplorer or rootexplorer function of esfileExplorer or wifiadb and then change permissions to rw-r-r
                    Last edited by kotix; 12-03-2016, 17:29.


                    • #13
                      now ok.
                      I have not tried it much, but it seems that everything is ok

                      thank you


                      • #14
                        I also can confirm, when radio FM is on, the sound from navigation forces the radio sound to level it's volume down, plays navigation sound/notification and then the radio get's back to previous level.
                        S160 keys still appear on Steering Wheel Controls on all position (TV/Radio/Music etc.) but this is probably another issue to be solved by kotix/bonez


                        • kotix
                          kotix commented
                          Editing a comment
                          Maybe we could add a toggle switch to enable s160 keys and use it to fix the icons...
                          It's just a thought btw...

                      • #15
                        S160 keys app is much more important for me than SWC menu, i have set cd/aux button to music player instead od CD Playet and really i cant live without it now


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